12 days of Christmas crafts…day 2


Clothespin dolls

Supplies needed:

Wooden clothespins (old fashioned kind)

Assorted colors of paints

Assorted colors of yarn


Wool felt (optional)



Step 1- paint clothespins the colors you like. Mine came colored, so I skipped this step, except for the faces. I painted the area the faces would be.


Step 2- cut several strands of yarn, then tie in middle. This will be your dolls hair. After you glue this to top of clothespin you can either leave it long or style it into braids or pony tails.DSC_2340.JPG

Step 3- Wrap different colored yarn around body of clothespin. Glue the beginning and end of each strand when you wrap your dolls, this will hold the yarn clothes in place.


Step 4- cut a small strand of pipe cleaner to glue to back of your dolls, this will be their arms. For more detail you can needle felt the pipe cleaners with wool.


Step 5- Once finished you can either have the little dolls holding something or attach a string to them to use as ornaments.

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Special note: Practice those scissors skills for the kids who have a hard time cutting by giving them the yarn to make the dolls hair. For male dolls, just trim the hair really short once glued down. Use an old shoebox for a house and draw out furniture or make some to add to your little paper houses, don’t forget those little mini trees from craft day 1. These dolls are great for pretend play lessons when using the ABA program with children with ASD (Autism spectrum disorders). Happy crafting.


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  1. Rosinalee says:

    Awww these dolls are so cute! xxx


  2. What awesome ideas !! You’re so creative ….love it 🙂


    1. Thank you, I have some favorites coming up, which include a little gift box ornament (inspired by my aunt) and a needle felted Alpaca ornament. I just started learning how to needle felt. I am teaching myself through YouTube university and books. I wish I could do those beautiful soft sculptors the expert needle felters can make. Gotta love all those artists out there, they inspire us all to keep creating.


  3. I am catching up on your blogmas and girl you are talented. I mean I could attempt this and probably taking a ribbing from family and friends over my crafting “skills”


    1. Thank you so much, you are so kind. Please do have a go at making some of these little crafts. I absolutely believe creating relieves stress. I should do a post on the craft mistakes I have made, they are too funny and you know what they say, laughing is good for you. On my last 12 days post there will be a photo of the first teddy bear I ever made and it is funny. I kept that little bear because it shows how far anyone can get if they just stick to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I use to be crafty-er than I am now. I shifted to cooking for some reason. lol I’m looking forward to your first teddy bear in your day 12 post 🙂 I bet it is the cutest thing ever. A mistake post would be a great idea. It would give people more confidence to try. And you are absolutely right, when I did make stuff, even if it didn’t turn out the best in the world it was always fun to do, and released tension.


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