It’s the little things that mean the most.


Aw… Christmas is over, but this always happens, what begins must end. We still have a week of celebrating of course; because we don’t take our decorations down until after January 6th.


Thought I share some of our favorite gifts this year. We like to keep things simple. There are gift cards and money cards for my son and daughter but it is the little things that mean the most to me. My son and daughter love the stockings every year because my husband and I fill them up pretty full with candy canes, lip balms, chocolate and little funny gifts like this dancing robot snowman.


We got lots of handmade foods this year as our gifts from the heart. Homemade blackberry jam that my husband made, click here for recipe is always one of my favorite things to get.


My husband, son and daughter made lots of homemade tortellini and ravioli with their Italian Nonna down the street.


It took all day and into the evening to make the pasta out of flour and eggs, then stuffing them with Italian sausage and rolling and pinching into little unusual shapes.


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The next day my son and I made my Swedish butter cookies to pass out later.


Our green gifts are some of my favorite things to unwrap because I know they will be unique. Green gifts are the gifts we buy second hand or are recycled gifts. They can be anything from a book to something broken that we fixed up or as they say, upcycled. I loved the folk art donkey I got, plus a little wooden Swedish doll that had such detail and was a brunette, which is rare to me. I have two other little wooden Swedish dolls but they are blondes. I also got some bookmarks that were handcrafted by the woman’s welfare society. They are from little villages around Delhi that use recycled rags and materials to make puppets with. My son got Rubik cubes, my husband got a really nice ceramic bowl (he loves to cook) and my daughter got a little glass bunny dish to put candy or jewelry in. To think that all these beautiful gifts came second hand. Glad they are in our home now and not at the dump, which I think a lot of items end up at.

There were Star Wars everything, oodles of wool felt for my needle felting experiment, a dress shirt for dad and ornaments for the year (I get one every year for my kids). Under my tree was also some lingo berry jelly and pickled herring. I grew up on pickled herring, can’t miss that. My husband and kids think it’s gross but I like it. There was an adorable little water globe, flower seeds for my garden, tons of books, chocolate, and a beautiful butterfly paperweight. Whew…think that’s it. So now we are enjoying the best gift we can give to each other…our time together. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well and received beautiful and thoughtful gifts this year. Remember little things are the things we always remember the most. Now I am off to read one of those books.

Whoops, almost forgot…my neighbor dropped by with a giant bag of beads, thread, fabric and yarns. What a really thoughtful gift, I will definitely put it all to use. Thank you Lillian for the grab bag of craft supplies. I especially liked the vintage yarn, can’t wait to make a little basket with it.



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    1. Thank you, Christmas went by too fast, I miss it already. Headed out the door today to check out some Christmas sale bargains, that is always fun after the holidays.

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  1. Love the idea of reusing things we don’t want/need !! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas ! So glad for you and your family !


    1. Thank you, I still can’t believe how fast Christmas came and went. Hope you guys are staying warm and also had a great Christmas as well. Have a Happy new Year.


  2. Sartenada says:

    There are wonderful things in this post. My wife who is beads, knits and make quilts, started just a new quilt (long Project, she said)

    Happy 2018.


    1. Thank you. I bet your wife’s quilt will be beautiful. I love anything handmade. I just started quilting, at least trying to that is. I always wanted to learn how to knit. I bet everyone in your family has nice gifts every year that your wife makes.

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