Repost-Easter Traditions & Decorations

It’s that time of year again, my favorite time…Spring. I have been very busy preparing Easter decorations. One of the best places for holiday supplies is any dollar store…just be careful you don’t turn it into the hundred dollar store….so bring a list.


I picked up several flowers, ribbon, wreaths and a little rag bunny I bought for quarter at a cowboy yard sale on the way home from the dollar store. I couldn’t wait to start crafting. The bunny got an outfit and a tiny little basket I weaved that night to hold it’s carrots.

A little doll I bought second hand in a pile of used toys just needed a little TLC. I made it a little tutu and felt top with an embroidered little flower. I painted a red basket pink and added my whimsical flowers, then needle felted a tiny chick to add to the set.

A few months ago a neighbor gave me a box of vintage flowers, which made the perfect Easter tree complete with a rose on top. You can make your own tree with a styrofoam cone, tacky glue, and assorted flowers.

For our garden outside, I made a small wreath of daisies and added a wooden bird in a nest with a spotted egg.


The front door wreath was made from supplies from the dollar store, which included a pink bunny that I tied a bow around.


Last October at the Big Heap in Cave Creek, AZ, I picked up a bag of doll caps. They made the cutest miniature baskets. Filled with vintage animal toys and candies, who wouldn’t want one of these little baskets with a place card to greet them for Easter breakfast on the table.


To make your own, just mix 1/2 cup white glue to 1/2 cup water and mix in a bowl. On a small bowl covered with saran wrap, cover with doll caps and using a paintbrush or sponge, cover entire doll cap with glue mixture. Let dry for 24 hours. To make the handles, use cardboard strips covered in ribbon and lace, then glue inside. Add ribbons, flowers, and bows to decorate.

We usually dye Easter eggs on the day before Easter, then hide them the next morning before breakfast. You can also blow out eggs to decorate and add to wreaths and displays throughout your home. Just take a needle or thumb tack and chip a tiny hole on the top and bottom of egg, then blow from one end to get yoke out. Clean and let dry before decoupaging or painting.

Easter will be here before you know it. I still have sheep to make with sheep wool some 4-H kids gave me at the state fair. I might not get to that one for awhile.

For more Easter decorations, here is a fun Bunny Pom Pom DIY project


Happy Decorating 🙂


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  1. Your creativity, inspiration and the colors just brought the spring feeling right through the nor-easter we’re just sitting in 😉 !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I wish it would stay spring but our crazy hot temps are only a few months away and I am not looking forward to that.


  2. I always love all your creations! That door wreath and your eggs, oh my so pretty. I had to laugh about the dollar store. I use to tell my mom how can we go to the dollar store and spend $50 dollars hahaha. God Bless you :):)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I do love sharing all that with everyone. That dollar store is dangerous, I always end up spending too much. I try to only go once a month. God bless you too.

      Liked by 1 person

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