Repost-On a country road again

Finally made it up north. The only free day we had was Easter, so our Easter morning this year was a beautiful country road trip through Arizona and the wildflowers were out in full force. The snow storms and rain everyone had over the Winter months ended up making our little part of the world very pretty Easter morning…a special gift we all enjoyed.


We were a little concerned of what we were headed to with our little red house. All the snow was gone on the dirt road and they haven’t had any rain for a few days so it was an easy drive except for the few bumps here and there.


I will always remember the time we almost ran into a mountain lion on that dirt road in. It is a story for another time, but one my kids will tell their kids someday, just another day in Arizona high country.


When we got to our place, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that everything was fine pretty much. The window screens had all been blown off and the backdoor was also blown opened, but the security door was closed, so no Elk walked in…thank goodness. We have come back some years with Elk prints everywhere around our house.


The wind must have been pretty fierce because when we walked inside, the attic was also open and there was dust everywhere on the wood floors, but no paw or human prints. The biggest surprise and happiest gift of all was that all our plumbing was okay. Years ago we had all the pipes replaced with Pex pipes. We came back to broken pipes that year…that was a nightmare. Thank goodness we invested in those pipes.


The best part of our trip was visiting our friends and since we never got a chance to deliver Christmas gifts because the roads were closed from the snow and ice around that time, we delivered gifts for Easter day instead.


We had a chance to see Robin and Karla at Deadbroke Inn. They have been very busy over the Winter. Karla has her gift shop up now in one of the old cabins out back around the museum. She had some great handmade products she made out of the old barn on the main road.


Robin was able to get his grandma’s old doll buggy from the 1800’s and it is now displayed in the main store. They also had tons of old paper Valentines from years ago when people still sent paper products through the mail.


The coolest thing of all was an old stove that was donated to Hoghland museum. I had never seen anything like it before. There were other items donated and more items were found down in the underground storerooms, so there were lots of new things to see. I wish I had more time to explore but we just had one day to see everyone.


Pamela (creayonfarms) had a baby goose that greeted us as we walked up to her door, with our arms full of gifts. The little guy was so cute and once inside her house for the night it followed Pamela around the kitchen flapping it’s tiny little wings…super adorable.


All of our neighbors and friend’s animals were out that day to greet visitors driving in. It was so peaceful up there and green, such a nice change from a big city. I can’t wait to get back.


There are some events coming up, which include a giant community yard sale and new projects that the museums in town are all working on, and James and Aldo have an event scheduled for June at Bruzzi Vineyards, so it looks like it is going to be a busy Spring and Summer up there in the little town of Pleasant valley…sounds like another country road trip to me is headed our way.


For more information on the scenic Young road trip click here



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  1. Wonderful story 🙂 !! Love the sign and the wood stove ….. never seen anything like that !!!
    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you. A friend of ours up north is such a talented artist, she is always painting all the signs in town, even giant signs for the museums up north. The smaller signs she made were from an old barn they tore down. I have photos of the old barn somewhere. She taught me how to make bird bath leaves out of cement, she is so creative.

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  2. I loved this blog! It kind of looks a lot like Kentucky and I love all that flag and star décor. I pick it up whenever I can! Great blog and I’m so glad spring is here but it’s rained all day and were getting snow tonight! Crazy mother nature!

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    1. Thank you, my cousin from Arkansas said it reminds her of her area too. I always had a thing for folkart and Americana items. We haven’t been up in awhile so I posted something from our trip last year around this time. Had to do a couple of repost since I am trying to catch up on home stuff here in the city before we go into summer temps, it gets crazy hot here.


      1. We got snow on the second day of spring this weather is something else.

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      2. Wow that is crazy, hope you start warming up soon. Springtime has always been my favorite time, I love flowers.


      3. Yes me to! I think its going to start to warm up this week hopefully but thats what the weather is saying but you just never know. Were getting rain this week but I’d rather have rain than snow!

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      4. They’re suppose to be getting snow up at the little red house next week which makes it hard for us to get up there. We don’t have 4 wheel drive and the road is a pretty rough dirt road part of the way. We always have to check road and weather conditions before we head out. Sometimes they close the road down because of the season and snow.


      5. Oh you better watch it then for sure. You dont want to get stuck! Good luck hope you can make the trip. It has to be nice to have the little red house to go to and get away!

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      6. Oh my gosh it is especially during the hot summer months.


      7. I bet it is there really humid. We get humidity here to!

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      8. It does get humid but not too bad.


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