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A few months back I used to follow a blogger on wordpress that would do a weekly photo post of her family and I really miss that. One day she was just gone, no longer blogging, which I have heard sometimes happens. Anyway it was fun seeing her weekly black and white photos of her kids and her out shopping and cooking and everything else that goes with living. Thought I do a post from Our little red house adventures in one week, nothing too exciting but maybe interesting to some. The week I decided to share was Easter week, which also happens to be my son’s birthday week. Now I could include every little detail of the week, but that would not only drag but also it would make this post crazy long, which I tend to sometimes have a problem with. I do love sharing. So here it is, the little things in the week we did that I loved doing…


Day 1- Visit to my Aunt’s out in Mesa. A long drive from where we live in this giant city of ours. Had homemade carrot cake that my husband made and went out for lunch. Afterwards my aunt pulled out my grandma’s old jewelry box (more detail in a blog post later) and we went through all my grandma’s old jewelry.

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Before we left, my aunt told my husband to take some little baby trees that started sprouting around her beautiful old tree she has in her front yard. This was a great day of memories and we went home with hopefully a future giant tree.

Day 2- Easter Day. Ladmo bags this year for my adult kids, filled with socks, plants, tea, candy, junk food and all things young adults love. I actually won a Ladmo bag years ago when I was a little girl (www.wallacewatchers.com/ladmo_bag.html). We had our Easter traditions and how we celebrate. My dad loved spending time out in nature or hiking a mountain; this is where he felt closes with God. There is this little adobe church in my old neighborhood where I grew up that a family built that we would stop by now and then. It is tiny and people go there to write their prayers and ask for miracles. It has a dirt floor and is very plain but beautiful. This is the church God would build if he made one himself I would tell my husband the first time I walked down to it to show him. I have visited beautiful churches in Italy and other places with such richness and yet I always go back to my childhood and that mountain I lived by and that little church. A lot of miracles were answered in that church with a dirt floor, including two of my own. For more on Arizona road side shrines click here www.arizonaedventures.com/arizona/blog/things-to-do/arizona-top-ten/roadside-shrines/

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Day 3-

This was a day of painting. I have a glass door my husband and son built for me and I still needed to paint it and some chairs that went with it. Plus my Aunt gave me a bunch of empty cookie tins and plastic containers that I redid to organize my art supplies with. I have a monthly supply of these empty food containers that I keep adding to my craft section.

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Day 4-

My son had off this day from school; he is a senior this year. Took him to the mountains for some photos for his senior pictures and walked over two miles to find the perfect spots. I know he thinks his mom and dad are crazy but why are we paying hundreds of dollars to a photographer when my husband is already a professional photographer. My son looks at me and says “ Mom, I want a professional to take these shots” I turned to my husband and we both laughed. I told my husband he should get out his awards and photos he has published. We will save that for another time…kids, remember gotta love them. This was also an exhausting day, photographing a teenage boy is not the funniest thing in the world to do. The rest of the day was chicken maintenance, cleaning the coop, and putting up a fence to separate the chickens from the pool area.

Day 5-

Working on Etsy projects and a quilt. This was a day of handmade.

I also spent some time trying to get a handle on my side of the garden, which is mostly taken up by a giant pool that I think was built in the 70’s. This home of ours in the city was built in the 50’s so the pool was added much later. It’s a diving pool and it is deep everywhere, not for anyone who can’t swim. My husband wants to turn it into a fish pound and grow our own food.

Before doing the garden and some DIY’s we were able to fit in an early morning hike and pick up some tomato plants from the nursery in our neighborhood.

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Just around the corner of the nursery was an estate sale, stopped off to check it out and picked up about $10 worth of vintage yarn, fabric, an old floral tablecloth, some miniature porcelain flowers, packaged hand soaps, an adorable little glass basket with tiny red flowers and a container full of thread. Everything was pretty cheap so the items were flying out of the place. The spools of thread were only a dime each, beats the full price at most sewing centers.

Day 6- Road trip time (to be a more detailed post later) this was a 2-hour packing project and 3-hour drive. When we finally made it to our destination I had to dust, vacuum, change sheets and uncover everything at the little red house so we would have a somewhat clean place to sleep for the weekend. Saturday started a little before 5am for me and didn’t end until 11pm that night.

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Day 7- My son’s 18th birthday, he grew too fast. We made early morning pancakes, then pizza at Deadbroke inn with friends. Thank you Robin and Karla, you guys not only are very talented with what you built but also are really great friends and Aldo your pizza was delicious. So glad you are making pizzas in that small town now…my kids are especially happy about that.

This was also a more detailed day of Spring-cleaning up at the little red house.

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Later I went out and collected aspen branches for some projects I would like to work on.

Then on the way home we stopped off at the church museum in town to take some photos before they officially opened for the year. So there you have it, a week with my family.

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Next posts coming up

A 3-hour tour- Our road trip route to our little red house, the scenic parts and not so scenic parts. For the first time ever I decided to photograph this journey to show you all what we see.


And finally, we made it up to our little red house.


Have a great weekend everyone, from all of us at our little red house.


About the three photos at the beginning of post- Wagon wheels from the nursery garden in our neighborhood we visit a little recipe box that I upcycled and a pincushion I designed. The cowboy photo was from a handmade chess set that was donated to the Pleasant valley museum. There are so many talented people out there in the world.




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  1. Bel says:

    Thanks for sharing your week. It seems busy and fun at the same time. It’s nice to read about how people spend their days and what’s important to them – gives me a glimpse of their world. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it. It is fun seeing how other people out in the world spend their days. We are all the same in the end…just busy people out living.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always get such a warm, relaxing feeling when I visit with you here on your blog. It is a blessing :):):) I am thankful for you sharing your adventures. I would love to visit your church that God would have built. It sounds amazing, and those are hard to come by. I thank God for continuing to bless you :):):)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww…thank you. I tried to find info. on that little church but it isn’t listed. It is a neighbor’s (from my old neighborhood) handmade shrine for the mother of their family. It used to be open all the time day and night, 24 hours, but then crime got bad in the area, so they closed it up except for special days. This was what I heard years ago. My husband has a photo of it somewhere in is thousands of photos. maybe I will come across it. My husband’s friend is a Christian musician and the little church was used as a backdrop for his cd cover one year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww now I love it even more :):)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. As usual your post doesn’t disappoint 🙂 ! How versatile, interesting, information and inspirational !! I always read them 2 or 3 times and every time I find something new I over read the first time because while reading I see the next photo that excites me and get distracted because I can’t wait what’ll come next 🙂 Wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Sunday !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that makes me feel so happy. I am a little out of control sometimes with the photos I believe but I just love taking pictures, always have, and I always pull them out to show others. I can tell you also have an eye for the details in our world out there. Your photos are amazing and I do like seeing those water and ice photos of yours. They remind me of watercolor paintings. One of the links on the post isn’t going through from wordpress, not sure what that is about but if you get a chance to look up roadside shrines in Arizona there are some pretty cool little adobe churches in the southwest. It always amazes me what our hands can create and that includes things from nature like mud and water. Someday it would be fun I think to try to build an adobe home.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Whoops forgot to also wish you and your husband and adorable dog a wonderful Sunday as well and thank you for another sweet comment.


  4. Love all of your photo’s!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, maybe I will do another weekly post of photos now and then, it was fun.

      Liked by 1 person

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