Happy Mother’s Day


Thought I share some flowers from our garden to brighten up your Mother’s day.


Tiny trees growing, we have a variety of trees growing at the moment.


The chickens are getting bigger everyday and now we are getting brown eggs along with the white eggs.


We have several types of beans popping out right now.


The tomatoes are also starting to come out. Plant lavender with your tomatoes, they love the company.


Sunflowers are slowly making their appearance.


I will have to buy some cement to make little bird bath sunflower leaf bowls. Sunflower leaves are really great for cement bowls.



The cacti are in bloom all over our garden. Cacti flower come in so many varieties with some only blooming at night.



Some of the flowers come out from the side or tips of the cacti like this beautiful bright pink flower from some tiny little cactus I have in a pot.


Then there are the ones that have long stems that grow from the cacti and remind me of something from an outer space movie.


The mint is taking over by our water hose area.


We also have thyme, basil, rosemary and oregano growing in nicely.


My husband still has not received his pizza oven but it is on its way, so we should have homemade wood burned pizzas in a couple of months along with all those herbs. He has been waiting for this pizza oven for months now.

A praying mantis ate the grapes, so my husband sprayed the leaves with some soap. We keep it organic. We don’t want to harm anything, it is okay to share now and then, we all have to live on this planet. I heard somewhere that a praying mantis is a sign of a very blessed garden and a healthy one too. I do feel very blessed when I go out in the morning to spend time out there before the heat comes in. For a while we will have cool morning temps but Aug-Sep are unbearable.

Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating Mother’s Day with anyone that cares for you, treats you with kindness, gives you confidence, love, words of wisdom and always has your back.


You don’t necessarily need a child to be a mother figure to another living creature. All it really takes is that mother in us all that loves and treats others as all human beings and living things should be treated, with love and kindness. There are a lot of heart mothers out there, women that we can go to for love and understanding. I have been blessed with so many in my life.


Thank you to my aunts. You brighten my days and put smiles back in not only my life but my children’s as well.

Thank you to my cousin out in Oklahoma. You are a great mother and grandma, can’t believe you are a grandma…where did the time go?

Thank you to my cousin here in Arizona (you know who you are) I also can’t believe you are a grandma now. Don’t let toxic people hurt you…I promise it gets better.

Thank you to the heart moms in my life, although not my mothers, you were there for me growing up. You gave me words of encouragement, and built confidence in me.

Thank you grandma for teaching me how to create and holding my hand when I was a little girl while you told me you loved me. I miss that.

Thank you Nana, you were the mom I needed and got. I will see you again some day but for now I have those memories of you and I share them with your great grandbabies every now and then.

Thank you to my two babies, although you have grown up (at least you guys think so) you will always be babies to me. Thank you for showing me just how beautiful life is through your eyes. I am so happy you guys made me a mom.

Now let’s go have some fun…it’s mom’s day after all.



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  1. awkwardwhale says:

    Your garden is gorgeous! Love the pictures, especially the cacti x

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    1. Thank you. Cactus flowers are so pretty and the colors just pop.

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

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  3. Isn’t this the most beautiful mothers day post :):) All the flowers, and beautiful outdoor creations that God made to delight, and sustain us. And what blessings about the eggs! Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty, love and tributes to mothers in all forms. I thank God for continuing to bless you and your family :):)

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    1. Aww…thank you so much. I love all these beautiful gifts God gives me and the flowers, little birds and critters in my garden are some of the most beautiful gifts I receive but my family, friends and little furry family members are my favorite gifts from God. I just had to share these flowers with you all today. Some of them will be gone soon especially Cacti flowers. They only last about a day.

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      1. It is much appreciated. They are beautiful

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  4. MarDean Perdue says:

    Love you and love your blogs. Your grandma days will get here and your life will again be forever better.

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    1. Oh my gosh, it’s my half sister. Thank you. I need to write you later…been a little busy. Lots of love from all of us in Arizona, tell your mom hello for me and we send our love. Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day and it was filled with beauty.


  5. What a lovely post…I feel as though I have just been on a little mini retreat…what a wondrous, magnificent planet we live on. And I LOVE the idea of ‘heart mothers’. I have had a few in my life and as I grow older and wiser, I hope I am becoming one. Can’t think of a better thing to aspire to…

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    1. Thank you, I have had some kids in our neighborhood that I have been heart mothers to as well. I have learned from some really kind women that I had in my life growing up.

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  6. Your close up photos are breathtaking !!! You definitely have “the eye” for details !! So, these are the chickens that might like my table saw table 😉 ? Love the idea of making your own essential oils !!! Can’t wait to hear how that’s going !! Hope you had a well deserved mothers day and cheers from Nova Scotia !!

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    1. Thank you, I don’t know why but I want to turn everything into little houses for the chickens. I found an old beat up dog house and I brought it home and told my husband I think the chickens would like it but he just laughed because they already have a house. I am still going to try to fix it up for them. I do hope the oils come out, there are so many beautiful fragrances out there in nature. We will see and I will let you know when we start on that project. Love that lake you live by, I was just thinking how beautiful it is where you live.

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  7. showtunessal says:

    Such beautiful words mixed with amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world. I’m from Tennessee and your hubby’s new contraption looks like it could be a moonshine still! Thanks for the incouragement and positive thoughts.
    Write on!

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  8. I love the flowers! They are so beautiful!

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    1. Thank you. I wish they would stick around for the Summer but you know how it is here…HOT.


  9. mel says:

    Beautiful pictures…

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    1. Thank you. I enjoy my garden so much and Spring is my favorite time. Love those flowers.


  10. Rageshree says:

    Beautifully captured!!❤️

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