3 Quotes, 3 Days challenge…Day 2

Thank you Merry Motherhood  for the nomination. Please check out her site, she has really cool mommy reviews and she shares with us her family adventures. I will be using some of her advice for future gifts for all those little babies that keep popping up in my life.




1.Thank the person who nominates you


  1. Post one quote per day for three consecutive days.


  1. Nominate 3 new bloggers each day.


I love this quote because it reminds me that we don’t all have to follow the same path, that it’s okay to make your own. I worry for my children at times because of how easy it is to be lead down a path that social media wants them to go. All the trends, the beautiful people, the gossip and hate that separates everyone…it doesn’t lead to a path of love. The path that it does lead to is one of insecurities, separations, jealousy, envy and hate. It is impossible to keep up with a world that is not real and social media with it filters and apps and photos of only perfect things is an exhausting path to try to keep up with. So I always remind my children that it is okay to be unique, to make your own trends and love life just the way it is. That is the path I hope and pray my children and people I love always choose to take.


My nominations are anyone of my followers that would like to participate ( Thanks Margaret from soul food for that idea) Happy blogging everyone.




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  1. Love it! I do the same, I remind them and when they look at me because im “unique” i make sure i tell them its ok others may think my dress is uncool but it makes me happy thats what matters.
    I also am an amputee whos leg is always different fun patterns.At the moment it is buffalo plaid, ive been asked why many times by some close to me and strangers…i reply why not? Skin tone wont make it magically not a prosthetic. Or because I can and I will…because all who really “know” me know ive always taken my own path

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    1. Love this comment, nothing wrong with being unique. keep showing the world that and little by little some of the ones that don’t understand that will start to understand. One day at a time and one person at a time will help this planet become a kind one. Thanks for doing your part.

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  2. 3C Style says:

    Beautiful post once again. It is so funny -There is one sentence you wrote, which is almost identical to one I wrote in my June Issue of When Fashion and Nature Collide. Looks like we are in sync you and I. Well, I already knew that my friend. 😄 Beautiful quilt by the way.

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  3. mel says:

    I couldn’t be more agree! It’s not challenging just to be in a crowd. Your little red house quilt looks so cute by the way.

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  4. This is such a wonderful quote, and I forgot to thank you for mentioning me in you last quote post, and thanks for mentioning me again. Happy to be of help :):)

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    1. Your so sweet to have thought of that…everyone should feel included. Anyway it is always funnier when more people join in. The more the merrier.

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