A whole week of art.


Because we were cooped up inside all summer, we all have been getting out and enjoying festivals, museums and nature this Fall. Thought you would all enjoy to see a little of what our state had for one week when it came to art. It was also a week of Day of the dead celebrations here in the southwest so there are lots of colors to share with you all. A state fair, museum, and a festival to celebrate pass love ones. Hope you enjoy it. Some photos I could not use the flash with in order to protect the art but you can still see the love that went into the paintings and drawings. Such beautiful and creative hands we have out there in the world. So nice that they share it with us all.


Thought I start with the Arizona state fair, one of the largest fairs in our country. My husband and I go to look at the art and handmade goods but most kids and people go for the yummy junk food and crazy scary rides. Here are some pieces I liked the most from the amateur department.

The first painting (after sugar photo, below) reminded me of one of my horses from childhood, she he was all white and I named her Sugar.


I thought she was super sweet but to the adults she was kind of mean, she did not want them riding her. She would allow me on her but anyone else would get a good kicking. I believe at one time Sugar was hurt by past owners and she never trusted adults after that, she just needed some kindness and a chance to heal her emotions.


We always get a lot of artists here in Arizona that paint some of the native ruins around the state. This painting looks like some ruins up near the area around Our Little Red House. I am planning on going on that adventure to see it sometime in the Spring. It is a little bit of a climb and up in the cliffs so I will wait until I have been hiking more and in better shape for that adventure.


A beautiful forest with an amazing sky filled with colors. I know what this artist was thinking and trying to capture, Arizona’s amazing sunsets. The dust out here in our air makes for some really pretty colors in the skies.


Anything with glass is pretty to me. My kids made some fused glass one mother’s day of fish. It was part of a lamp, so when I turn it on the glass lights up from behind.


There was a lot of cowboy art at the fair. Wish I could draw or paint horses. Believe me I have tried, ever since I was tiny enough to hold a pencil, but no, I can’t draw a horse…just can’t.


This one reminds me of Sammy, my son’s cat. I laughed when I saw this “Hey, look it’s Sammy” I called my husband over to see. I took this photo to take home to show my son. It is a unique piece made from bits of newspaper and colorful paper scraps.


There is an old fence post up on the road leading to Our Little Red House and when it snows it looks like this painting.


A bear, so cute. I still want to see one in the wild. Inside a moving vehicle with my window up of course. I don’t want to be eaten.


A metal sculpture that some teens from a school loved playing with earlier. You put a small metal ball at the top of the spiral and it spins down, then you start over. This sculpture was a blue ribbon winner and it was for sale for $1200.00.


Called my husband over to see this painting and ask him a question “ What do you think this is?” I thought it represented death, it had a creepy vibe to it. He didn’t know. Sometimes it amazes me how much you can feel the artist and what they were feeling when you come across their work. I felt sadness in this piece and wonder if the artist was depressed but what better way to get it all out, which is through expression and being creative. I hope the artist who did this has happiness and colors in their life soon.


Lots of abstract this year at the fair. I think it would be cool to mix abstract with realistic art. Somewhere in the middle of all that abstract would be a smaller painting of something like a beautiful nature scene or animals or even a person. It would be like having your eyes out of focus then back in focus.


Then I came across this painting which is sorta what I was thinking about with mixing the two types of styles together.


Around the corner this abstract caught my eye because of the name on it. I got really excited “ Hey, look at this, one of my relatives maybe?” I turned to my husband. He just shook his head, probably thinking his wife is a little nuts. One time I looked up my Swedish side’s name and you will not believe all the Lundgrens in Sweden. I could imagine going over there and knocking on someones door saying “Hey, I think I might be related to you” what a laugh that would be. You know how many doors I would have to knock on to finally find the link back to my grandfather who came over here in the 30’s. I would meet a lot of people that way. I could make it into a documentary, you know I love my docs. Sadly I would probably be the only one to watch and laugh at it.


Then we came across this piece of art. My husband said it reminded him of Paris. One of the employees walked up and saw me taking a photo “ You think that one is nice, you have to see this one, it is much better” so we followed her to her favorite piece.


Alice in Wonderland she called it. She was cute, her enthusiastic personality was contagious. She looked at me and then my camera waiting for me to shoot away. Her favorite piece needed to be recognized and she was making sure of that. This piece reminds me of the coloring pages I love to color. There was a lot of detail to this art, so whoever did it, put a ton of love into it.


Hope you all enjoyed the adult amateur art with me. My next post will be on what the kids did. There are some amazing little artist out there. Even if you aren’t that great at art, it is still nice to just sit down and create something. Try it, I promise it will help you feel better.




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  1. Sugar looks like a lovely pony! x

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  2. I want the majority of those pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s funny because so did I. Looking at art is one of my favorite hobbies. I will even visit art museums out of state or country. It has been a long, long time though since I have traveled.

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      1. I love that too. Sadly for me I covet far more than I can afford!

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      2. I know, wish I had a money tree growing in our back yard. That would be nice.

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  3. Dandelion B says:

    we love art and craft shows as well, we always go when at the fair as well, must admit we have the food too lol. my fave is the one that looks like your grand fur baby! i love torn paper art, mostly with the kids for crafts to see it done like this is very intriguing to me, and its a KITTY! the one below i that you say looks like your red house in the winter is amazing too, i picture it in our spare bedroom or den all winter long. my sister in laws oldest is 14 and an amazing artist, me i cant draw a stick figure lol, crafty and creative i am but not artistic. Hubz and I did a you tube canvas painting tutorial a few weeks ago of a snowman, i scanned them and they are now our gift tags for this year, they are by no means perfect but really good considering we are very novice at it. we do enjoy it a lot and will hopefully be doing another one as we have these on display in a cabinet and I said to hubz we need 2 more for the other shelf.

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    1. I bet your snowmen are adorable. I will have to find your tutorial on Youtube, is it under Dandelion? I love YouTube and my husband and I jokingly call it YouTube university. My kids want to to do crafts on YouTube but I just don’t know where to find the time. I haven’t drawn or painted anything in quite a while. I used to study art at one of the junior colleges in our city. One of my art instructors also taught Alice Cooper when he was a teenager. I wish I had some time to start drawing and painting again. I am terrible at perspective though, so my art was always a little unbalanced.


      1. Dandelion B says:

        Ive replied a few times lol but they dont seem to show…i added you tube links maybe thats why?

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      2. Sometimes that happens. I tried to add a personal video once but it never worked. Now that we have a new laptop I can’t do slide shows on my post anymore, until we figure out what the issues is. I loved slide shows with my craft instructions…oh well.

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      3. Dandelion B says:

        Going between my phone and ipad and pc each have own ways of doing things i get fustrated lol. Ipad is the most user friendly for pinning things off a sight but not easy for me to commet and surf around..fustrates me, id like 1 device that works all around for me lol…wishful thinking not complaing I know its not possible.

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      4. It is so hard to keep up with it all.


      5. Dandelion B says:

        The tutorial is not ourz lol we followed one by clive5art on you tube ..lots of fun. Not sure were my other replies went lol i see these are posting now 🙂

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      6. I love tutorials on YouTube, I think it would be really difficult to blog and do tutorials but there are some out there that do that, that always amazes me. I still have a house to run so my time is precious.

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much. You are always so kind. We need more of you out in the world, need to start balancing things out in a more positive way. It’s voting day in Arizona and some of the voting centers are a mess so there are a lot of very unhappy people at the moment, so send some of that kindness and positive energy of yours our way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We voted early this morning. All went very smooth here and all seem jovial and friendly. Not so much in St louis though. At at least one voting station, the machines refused to accept a ” no” vote on an amendment and it set folks off! I’m sending all my good wishes your way. 😊
        Hugs & 💖’s

        Liked by 1 person

      2. All good this morning. Now lets hope everyone works together and gets along. That’s one of my biggest prayers right there. Thanks for the well wishes. You and your husband along with those adorable furry family members have a great week.


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