A week of art part two-the children.


We had just gotten through looking at all the art the adults did and right around the corner in another area were walls and walls covered with children’s drawings. There were so many and they were all great but to keep this some what short I will only be posting a few of my favorites and believe me I loved a lot.


I thought these parrots were so pretty. There is a great balance to the amount this little artist decided to paint and the colors they picked were so striking together. A great job.


There are never enough flowers in the world, so nice to see that this little girl added some more with this beautiful piece.


This painting reminded me of water. It is like you are looking through a window covered in rain drops. If you look towards the back, you will see what looks like two faces. Maybe the two faces represent someone else looking back at us through a rain covered window. All the colors with the combination of feeling like there is water everywhere was just amazing to me. I can’t believe a 12 year old painted this. I would have this hanging in my house.


Another talented 12 year old painted this church on a bridge over a river. Most of the artist from this category were 8-13 years old.


Oh uh, here is a piece that disturbed me some. If I had the little guy who painted this standing next to me, boy would I have some questions for him.Here is this heavy set man eating everything it looks like. While across the table sits what to me appears to be a shadow, not even human. There is no color really in the shadow. The shadow seems to be hungry but there is no food in front of it. Edge of Humanity magazine  did a really cool post of the seven deadly sins. I would put this piece under gluttony. Wonder how that child is that painted this. What the heck is going on in his world for such a deep and emotional piece of art ?. That’s some heavy stuff for an eight year old to go through.


We have a lot of native American influences with our art here in Arizona. I loved the combination of colors in this piece. The two contrasting colors look great together. This kid has an eye for it.


Okay, water colors are really difficult. Well they are to me, but still, it is my favorite media to work with. With watercolors you can’t paint over your mistakes like oils or acrylics. It is the reason why you go in super light then dark for details. If you make a mistake…oh well. This little girl walking in nature was so pretty, another piece I would hang on my wall for sure. The 8 year old who painted this piece was brave for choosing watercolors and they did an amazing job.


Loved the creative way this horse was painted with feathers. Also a great combination of colors too.


This one reminds me of a Monet piece. Very pretty.


A little deer peeking through what I believe represent leaves was so cute. It reminds me of all the deer we see when driving up to Our Little Red House.


A 13 year old painted this. I couldn’t believe it and told my husband so when he stepped up behind me admiring this. My husband read the tag with the information and where this 13 year old attended school and said “ Well no wonder, look where he attends school” turns out a bunch of these art pieces came from one of the top Charter schools in the nation which is out in Scottsdale Arizona.


Years ago my son entered an art piece and won a blue ribbon. He had several people who wanted to buy it. In the end he chosen an English teacher to purchase it because he said he wanted her to share it with her class which she did. The painting reminded her of the Odyssey, one of her favorite books. She sent my son a photo of his painting hanging up in her room and all of her classmates.


This was my favorite part of our week of art. I always love seeing what the next generation of artists are up to. Children have such an innocence about them that they usually don’t follow any rules, so their art is very pure, to me at least. They usually do whatever their heart tells them to. It is fun to imagine the worlds they see.





Next post on a week in art will be a visit to a museum and a day of the dead celebration..





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  1. Dandelion B says:

    I can not believe children painted those, ok I can actually because our niece has been shocking us out entire life and I was just saying how to us she is a rare gem but the world is covered in these very young talents and I love how the web and social media gives us a glimpse at them all. My fave is the rainy window, as soo as I read you interpretation of it I was taken to behind a window looking out. Beautiful
    I got around to doing th blogger award post, said to Hubz I have to get started, I have to try to get it done.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I love that window painting too. Amazing what the young ones are coming up with. No pressure with the awards. With some of them I will nominate whoever wants to participate. It’s always nice letting other bloggers know how much you enjoy their site. But life is busy enough sometimes and some of us barely have enough time to do regular posts. So no pressure , just have fun with it and know that we are all thankful to you bloggers for taking the time to share.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mel says:

    Wow very talented young ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s amazing what kids can do, is it not? I mean I’ve seen “adult” artist not do this well, me included haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I would hang a lot of that art from the children on my walls.

      Liked by 1 person

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