A week of art- Dia de Muetos festival in Arizona.


Our week of art was still going strong. We headed out to Mesa Arizona out by the Superstition mountains for some fun at a Dia de Muetos festival. This event was held at the Mesa arts center, so along with the street festival we also had a chance to visit the museum which had some really cool pieces.


I had been to a Day of the dead celebration in Phoenix a couple years back but had heard that the one in Mesa was much larger and more organized, and it turns out it was. There were more artists and food vendors at the event in Mesa and all the altars were displayed inside the museum.The altars were so pretty and reminded me of my neighbor growing up who had Virgin Mary altars all around her garden. Sometimes she would call me Mija and whenever I hear this word it makes me smile.

I believe this altar was a first place winner but I forgot to check and really didn’t realize it was part of a contest until I came across one altar that had a little sign posted that said 3rd place. This altar seem to get the most attention in the room, it was so beautiful and full of colors, photos of past family members and food. Altars are not meant for worshiping, they are meant to welcome lost love ones back to the living for one day.


Marigolds help guide the souls back to their place of rest and food and water are left out for their long journey.


There were little signs everywhere explaining what Day of the dead represents.


Outside at the entrance to the event there was a huge altar. It had flowers everywhere.


There was a line of people waiting to get a photo of themselves in front of this one.


There were also all kinds of paper flower decorations all over the event. Again, this festival reminds me of my old neighborhood when I was a little girl. In my old neighborhood growing up there was a tiny adobe church down the street where I lived that people from all over would visit and leave tiny papers filled with prayers.


Even the vendors selling food, with arts and crafts had their own personal altars out.


They also had a whole street closed off for an antique car show.




This festival made me feel like a little girl back in my old neighborhood with the smells of fresh tamales and beautiful paper flowers and candles burning. There was so much to see and we still hadn’t gotten to the museum yet which is the main reason I stopped by. I had heard that it was a really nice museum and to bring the whole family. Next post will be some beautiful art from that museum, it really is worth a stop if you are ever here in Arizona and best thing of all is that most of their exhibits are free.


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  1. mel says:

    Wow I love vintage cars!

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    1. If I ever played the lottery and I ever won, then vintage cars would be one of the top items I know my family would purchase. Nice daydreams never hurt anyone.

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  2. Dandelion B says:

    My family had “altars” candles mary statues etc. We are portuguese they may have a simular way of celebrating but none that I remember, the day of the dead is beautiful. Love how the participants had notes explaining the items purpose. The cars are cool too, I love old cars too but more specifically a late 60s early 70s mustang…one day maybe

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    1. They had the whole street closed off in the center of town for all the old cars, it was really cool. The alters also had little poems and some had biographies about the love ones. It was so sweet reading about their lives and just how much they were loved.

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