A week of art part 4- The Mesa arts center


The day we visited the Mesa arts center they were having a huge festival. Sometimes the museum will have special events going on along with the exhibits they have in the museum, so it is always best to check their site beforehand to see if anything is scheduled. (https://www.mesaartscenter.com/index.php/museum/art/current)


It’s all about jazz this Fall at the center and there were several colorful pieces displayed throughout the center relating to this.


If you are a homeschooler or not, just have small children, then read up on the artist you will be visiting before you see their work. It’s always nice knowing a little about the artist beforehand whenever you are visiting an exhibit. Even better when the artist is there. Encourage your kids to ask questions.


One of the artists displaying their work the day we visited was Faith Ringgold. Faith is a painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist. She is one busy and talented lady. She has several children’s books published and has won so many awards it would take me forever to list them.


Faith had asthma as a young child, she spent a lot of time at home because of this. Since she was at home, her mother who was a fashion designer would teach her sewing skills and how to be creative with fabrics. I always say everything happens for a reason, it’s what my dad used to tell me as a child. So for anyone out there wondering why this happens or that happens…well maybe, just maybe it leads to something big in the end. I have seen this happen so many times out in life. Life lessons is also another thing I always say. So although Faith had asthma, which is not an easy road to take, especially as a kid, in the end, she would spend quality time with her mom learning how to be creative. And know she shares that gift from God with the world. Everything works out in the end, just have faith.


I loved the detail that this artist put into her pieces.


The art displayed throughout this exhibit was huge and very colorful. I would need a giant wall to hang this painting on. When I took this photo I was concentrating on the art but in the background there was a couple that kind of matches the painting in a way, so strange that it turned out that way. The couples body language screams that they may be having a disagreement of sorts. In the painting the musician in the yellow shirt is making all the noise (music) while the one off in the distance with a bird on his shoulder doesn’t look too interested and seems to be blocking his ear off from the world with his instrument, kind of like this couple in the background. The male companion even seems to have something on his shoulder with the painting on the wall in the background.


There was even a mobile. Always like it when art comes with movement.


This was a fun piece to watch.


Up close there were paper napkins with drawings of jazz musicians.


I am not really into Jazz, so this exhibit was a great way to expose someone who doesn’t know the history or passion behind it. It was really beautiful. All the artists did a great job at capturing music through their creative hands.


Hope you all enjoyed this visit to one of our museums out here. Next and last post will be a day of shopping for art.


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  1. Tanya Kohl says:

    I have a cousin who works in New York making costumes for shows. I’m not really close to my relatives but it’s cool to know I have a talented cousin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so cool, always liked anything that has to do with fabrics. I also have a ton of relatives I am not close to, there are so many out there and once we all grew up, we all had families of our own and life just happened.

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